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Kannada actor Sudeep is one of the leading actors of South India. 

He has acted in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages.

Sudeep is not just a actor, he is a playback singer, screen writer, producer, and director.

In this situation, a public meeting was held for the benefit of the farmers on behalf of the "We Respect Farmers" in the state of Karnataka.

Actor Sudeep participated in this. On that occasion he said: -

We all know the difficulties of farmers. The most difficult to cultivate are the most affected by the middlemen.

The peasants are the ones who inspire us. The peasantry should respect them in this society, which is only for the rich.

I am ready to do all the help to protect the farmers. We see the difficulties they face. But we do not know technically.

Sudeep told that I am selling a price luxury car for the benefit of farmers in this trust.

English Summary

A famous actor who sells his expensive car for farmers

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