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The DMK, which enjoyed all privileges when it was part of the Congress-led government at the Centre but miserably failed to work for Tamil Nadu’s welfare, will be gifted a crushing defeat by the Tamil Nadu voters in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections, Deputy Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam said.

Canvassing votes for AIADMK’s Tirunelveli Lok Sabha constituency candidate P. H. Paul Manoj Pandian at Thaazhaiyooththu on Saturday evening, Mr. Panneerselvam said the DMK – Congress-led alliance, which miserably failed to do anything for the welfare of Tamil Nadu, should be uprooted in this election as both the parties had failed to safeguard the welfare of Tamil Nadu and Tamils when they had shared power at the Centre.

Though the Cauvery Water Tribunal’s final award was delivered after 17 years of prolonged legal battle, it was not notified in the gazette to give it a legal backing even though the DMK was then part of the Central Government.

However, the legal battle initiated by then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa ensured the gazette notification after she returned to power in 2011.

He said the welfare schemes introduced by Jayalalithaa had improved the living conditions of the poor. Marriage assistance with 8 gram gold, 20 Kg free rice, assistance for pregnant women, free mixer grinder, fan, the increased Pongal assistance, free two-wheeler for working women, 2,000 assistance for the poor etc. were of great help to the poor.

“However, the DMK, is creating obstacles at every level to scuttle the welfare schemes. When 2,000 assistance to poor families was launched, the DMK created legal obstacles, which will be smashed after the election to ensure continued distribution of the assistance. DMK president M. K. Stalin, who is obstructing the poor from receiving the welfare measures, will never become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu as he has done nothing good for the people. The Tamil Nadu voters should judge the administration being provided by the AIADMK and the Karunanidhi-led DMK rule and cast their vote,” Mr. Panneerselvam said.

He held the DMK and the Congress responsible for the genocide in Sri Lanka. “The people, who trusted the drama enacted by Mr. Karunanidhi on the ceasefire and came out of their bunkers, were hunted down mercilessly by the Sri Lankan army. More than 40,000 women and children were killed brutally,” he charged.

The Deputy Chief Minister also said Tamil Nadu, which was reeling under utter darkness during the DMK rule between 2006 and 2011 due to power cuts, became power-surplus State after Jayalalithaa came to power as she executed new projects.

He said the DMK could never harm the AIADMK government, which had ensured able administration and was safeguarding the people, particularly the minorities.

Later, he campaigned at Panagudi in support of Mr. Paul Manoj Pandian and then at Vadaserry in Nagercoil for BJP candidate for Kanniyakumari constituency Pon. Radhakrishnan.


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