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The actress Amala Paul bought a laxury car with fake address and tax evasion. so that she have been reports that the arrest may be made.

Kerala actress Amala Paul, who debuted through the Sindhu Samavali in Tamil, has acted in successive films. So he got a chance to act in the pair to actor Vijay.

In this case, he bought a Mercedes-Benz Class type car at Rs 1.12 crore in Puducherry. That is created the problem to her.

If want to buy a car in Puducherry, must have a Puducherry location certificate. But the actress Amala Paul from Kerala, lived in Tamil Nadu but did not live in Pondicherry.

So, he is accused of buying the fake location proof. Also, if you have registered vehicles in other states, you will have to pay taxes to the state of residence.

But she has not paid taxes in Kerala. It is reported that  likely to be arrested if the Kerala Government sued him.

Lawyers claim that, many people buy vehicles in Puducherry. So, the tax for the luxury car is reduced by more than 20 percent.

There are many agents for that. Though Amala Paul knows he has bought a car with a fake address, the Kerala government can not take action. The Puducherry government is claiming that it can take action. Thus they said.

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Actress Amala Paul arrested soon

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