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Taking cognisance of the sexual harassment complaint made by a female employee of the national passenger carrier Air India, Union Union Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu on Tuesday directed the senior management to "immediately address" the issue.

"Asked @airindiain CMD to immediately address this issue. If necessary, will appoint another committee," Suresh Prabhu tweeted.

The direction from the Union Minister came shortly after a female employee of the national carrier took to Twitter and complained about the way her case was being dealt by an internal committee of which was appointed by the airline earlier.

The air hostess had accused a senior company executive of having sexually harassed her for six years and charged the airline of not acting on her complaint.

In a letter addressed to Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu, the woman charged the senior executive of sexual harassment, torture and of discrimination over a period of six years.

She called the official a 'predator' and claimed that he sexually propositioned her, abused her even in the presence of others and denied her official positions and privileges after she rejected his advances.

She also claimed that the same happened with many of her fellow female colleagues.

The woman further wrote that she lodged a complaint with Air India in September of 2017 but the company's woman's cell not only dilly-dallied on the issue but have since been trying to cover-up the matter.

"During the mockery of Enquiry when I narrated my tale of sexual harassment and the choice abusive language and sexual innuendos used by the Senior male executive to me, the Lady chairperson of the committee had the temerity and gall to actually respond - "Oh you know how he talks. He has even flirted with me like this so many times!" This was said in presence of other witnesses," the complainant wrote.

The woman further alleged that when the official was eventually summoned after three months of having filed the complaint, the Internal Complaints Committee did not give her a chance to cross-examine him.

The air hostess, who has been an employee of Air India for several decades, had urged the Civil Aviation Ministry to step in claiming that the accused is an influential person with strong political connections.

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