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The 2nd Test Cricket match against Sri Lanka was held at Vidarbha Cricket stadium in Nagpur.

Sri Lanka lost 166 runs in the first innings and lost all wickets. India lost 6 wickets and scored 610 runs.

In the second innings, the Sri Lankan team lost 205 runs and lost all wickets in innings.

In the Indian team, Ashwin took 4 wickets, Ishant Sharma and Jadeja each took 3 wickets.

In this match, Aswin has intered in the list of 300 wickets. He has also won 300 wickets in limited matches.

Earlier, Australian player D.K.Lilee, took 300 wickets in 56 matches. Ashwin has broken the record in 54 games.

In addition, D.K.Lilee made his 300th wicket against Pakistan (27 Nov 1981). Now 36 years later, Ashwin broke the record on same day.

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Ashwin defeats 36 yrs records on same day

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