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The woman who levelled rape charges on self-proclaimed godman Daati Maharaj claimed that many other women have been mistreated by the latter. The victim, who was allegedly raped multiple times by Daati Maharaj, said there were many other women who suffered in the hands of the self-proclaimed godman at his ashrams for as long as a decade.

"Some women have been tolerating Daati Maharaj's atrocities for at least 10 years now. They just feel too intimidated by him to speak up," she said.

Recalling her ordeal, the victim alleged that she was raped by Daati Maharaj at his ashram in Delhi on January 9, 2016, and then again on March 26, 27 and 28 at his ashram in Rajasthan. "When I was in Rajasthan, I was brainwashed into thinking of him as God. But he is very different from what he appears to be. I saw his real face," she said.

When asked why she waited for two years before filing a complaint, the victim claimed that she was being watched and threatened by the self-styled godman's people.

"I was in a bad shape. I was physically very weak, very stressed. I was tortured for a week even around my home, as people (associated with Daati Maharaj) were sent to keep a watch on us. We were forced leave our house for three days," she said.

The victim also alleged that apart from Daati Maharaj, two others at the ashram, namely Arjun Ashok and Anil, also tried to sexually assault her.

She further claimed that the women, who were seniors in the ashram, were of no help, and would blame the victim for filing a complaint against Daati Maharaj.

Speaking on the police probe in the case, the victim said that the police and the crime branch supported her throughout, and was sure that no delays would take place in the investigation.

Daati Maharaj appeared before the Delhi Police Crime Branch on Wednesday for the investigation into the rape charges levelled against him.

The self-styled godman has been booked under sections 376, 377, 354 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Meanwhile, his brother has also been questioned by the Delhi Police on the matter.

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