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PM Modi has targeted Himachal Pradesh CM Virbhadra Singh, saying he faces serious corruption charges, but INC election manifesto talks about 'zero tolerance' for corruption.

Addressing an election campaign in Kangra district, PM Modi asked people to reject the INC government in the assembly elections on november 9th, alleging that it has looted the state.

PM Modi said that INC should introspect on 'why people across the country are punishing it'.

INC has now become a laughing club. Their CM Virbhadra Singh is out on bail in corruption case, and the party should not make promise of good governance in its manifesto.

It is need to free the Himalayan land from Mafia of mining, Forest, Drug, Tender and Transfer. 

Describing them as Five demons, Modi said that the state government is giving them protection. Thus he said.

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INC has become a laughing club says PM Modi

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