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Barnana Gunnaya earned only Rs 100 as a daily wage and his son Paranana Yadagari studied in Hyderabad the capital of Telangana.

Barnana Yadagiri, who was very hard at school, graduated from IIM Hyderabad.

In the interview in college, the company has got job in the US. But he refused the US job.

Later, he joined the Indian Army and completed training at the Officers Training Academy in Dehradun. At that time, he performed well in the training and won silver medal.

Barnana Yadagiri said, "When I first joined the army, my father said that I was working as a soldier. But now I am officer of the Indian army.

Many of the people have been praising Barnana Yadagiri, who is in the army to serve the country.

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Labourers engineer son refused US job

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