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Rahul Gandhi today assumed the presidentship of the Congress party. Rahul Gandhi received a formal certificate from the party's central election authority at the AICC headquarters in New Delhi this morning. 

He was elected unopposed to the post of Congress president earlier this month. Rahul Gandhi succeeds Sonia Gandhi, who steered the party for 19 years after becoming the President in 1998. 

Speaking on the occasion, Rahul Gandhi said, Congress should become an instrument of dialogue among the people. 

He said there is a need to fight politics of hatred and destruction. Rahul Gandhi alleged that workers of the ruling party are spreading violence in the country. 

Outgoing president Sonia Gandhi said the country is facing several challenges. She hoped that the new leadership will be able to fight against all odds. Sonia Gandhi also said, freedom of speech is being suppressed in the country. 

Former PM Manmohan Singh thanked Sonia Gandhi for her glorious leadership. Manmohan Singh said between 2004-2014, there was a reduction in poverty and the country witnessed good economic growth. 

He said, Congress should continue to practice politics of hope in the face of politics of fear.

Source : AIR

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Rahul Gandhi takes charge as Indian National Congress 87th president

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