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Urin savings banks can be set up across the country to distribute fertilizers to the farmers. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has suggested that the cost of fertilizer import could be drastically reduced.

Help to farmers:

He said this decision is in the initial stage. I advise Swiss scientists about the implementation of this project. Human urine contains a lot of Nitrogen. But they are all wasted.

My policy is to make a profit without turning anything out of waste. There is no embarrassment in implementing this project. Natural fertilizer is substituted for phosphorus and potassium. Adding nitrogen with this will help the farmers.

One liter Rs. 1 : 

Farmers should bring the urine collected daily in 10 liters of cans to the Taluk Center. The can will provide government and farmers would get Rs.1 per litre. This project can be implemented in rural areas first.

Because of in rural areas urine is not diluted with water in the toilet. This can be produced as a clean natural fertilizer. I'm not sure about the economy and potential elements of this project. The initial phase of testing took place in a laboratory near my house in Nagpur. He said so.

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Set up Urine bank

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