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Once when King Jay Singh went to England, he walked on the street in England.

He then saw the Rolls-Royce car showroom, he wanted to inquire about the prices of cars.

At that time, the showroom staff chased a poor Indian citizen. The King saw that insident, then goes to his hotel room.

A few hours later, he returned to the Rolls-Royce showroom again in full diplomatic dress.

The showroom staff offered him a full royal reception. King bought 6 Rolls-Royce cars in that showroom.

Then he ordered the municipality to use the cars to clean the city's waste.

The world's number One Rolls-Royce used for the city's waste transportation, the news quickly spread around the world and rolled out the reputation of Rolls-Royce.

If anyone in Europe or America is proud of the fact that I have a Rolls-Roy car, this is rubbish in India The people are being mocked by the fact that it is used.

This has resulted in the loss of the company and its sales began to slide.

After that, chairman of Rolls-Royce sent An urgent telegram to King Jai Singh.

You should immediately stop using our car for sweeping. Instead he told that we will give you 6 cars for free.

King Vijay Singh replies that, I did not hate your cars. Your staff threw my country man out. First consider Humanity.

English Summary

Rolls Royce is a number one luxery vehicle. Once upon a time, it was a Garbage truck

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