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The Opposition’s inability to digest the people-oriented schemes being implemented by the Centre is the reason why it has claimed that the interim Budget is the BJP’s poll manifesto, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said.

Addressing journalists on the sidelines of a party event in Coimbatore on Sunday, she said, “The Union government is within its rights to present the interim Budget [with new announcements]. Since the Opposition is unable to level any allegation [against the Centre], it is simply claiming that the interim Budget is the BJP’s poll manifesto. Let the Opposition tell us which part of the Budget it finds difficult to accept and why. If it opposes any of the welfare schemes, the people will get angry, and it knows [that]. That is why it is calling it [the interim Budget] a manifesto.”

On the black flag demonstrations against Mr. Modi during his recent visit to Madurai, Ms. Sitharaman said, “The parties that waved black flags against Mr. Modi should ask themselves what they had done for the people when they were in power. Instead of waving black flags, they should use the Parliament or the Assembly to question the party in power.”

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Defence Minister hits out at Opposition for criticising Budget

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