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Information Minister ‘Kadambur’ C. Raju on Wednesday warned of action against Vijay-starrer Sarkar if the makers of the film did not remove “objectionable” scenes with political undertones which, he alleged, showed the ruling party in poor light.

“If they don’t remove them voluntarily, we will take action after discussing the issue with the Chief Minister,” Mr. Raju told mediapersons after a party meeting at Chinthalakkarai near Ettaiyapuram.

“This is not good for an upcoming actor like Vijay,” he said.

The Minister contended that a few scenes in the film disparaged the government and its policies by showing broken-down freebies being taken in carts.

“The Censor Board, functioning with the members appointed by the Union government, should have taken note of this while issuing the certificate [for the film],” he said.

Mr. Raju alleged that since the film was produced by Sun Pictures, which is owned by Kalanithi Maran, a close relative of DMK president M.K. Stalin, it was made with a political motive, and added that the people will find it unacceptable.

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Wants scenes with political undertones to be deleted from Vijay-starrer

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