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One lakh Indians have been booked to send Chips with their names to Mars in 2018.

India, USSR, USA, China and others are competing to explore the climate in Mars.

NASA, which has already been inspected by the satellite. Next year (2018) another satellite NASA's InSight Mars lander to launch.

In addition, it plans to send silicon chips with human names to Mars. These silicon chips have a much smaller name than the hair. For that more than 24 million people have registered.

Of the most registered countries in the world, the USA in 1st, China in 2nd place. India is followed by 3rd position.

More than 1 lakh from Indians have registered their names. This will increase further.

Earlier, It is Noteworthy that, India's ISRO Center Mangalyan was successfully tested on Mars in the first attempt.

English Summary

Chips with names to be sent to Mars. 1 lakh Indians registered.

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