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Most people are using the social web site Whatsapp.

At this stage, Whatsapp company has issued a notification. Some of the smartphones mentioned in the announcement say that Whatsapp Operator does not work.

About this, Whatsapp said: -

"We can not continue to work on some platforms. So our service may be banned at any time on such platforms.

There are many services currently enhanced in the Whatsapp Application. These platforms can not be run by them. 

If your smartphone uses such platforms, the Whatsapp facility will not be on smart phone from December 31.

Make sure you have your OS upgarade. Then there is a slight margin to work on your smart phone.

BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10 and Nokia S40 will not work on December afterwards, "said Whatsapp company.

English Summary

Whatsapp does not work after December 31 in Smart phones

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