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From Gandhi Jayanthi(Oct 2, 2008). This is the day the Country (England), on which the sun never sets, started to follow India when Dr Anbumani was "in the driver's seat"..

On this day, 2008, As a Union Health Minister, Dr Anbumani steered India towards making true the Idea of Swami Vivekananda - "Sound Thought in a Sound Body"- by taking a proactive role in redefining the definition of "Public Space" under the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, 2003.

From Gandhi Jayanthi this year(2008), public space will come to mean work places, shopping malls, cinema halls, hotels (with or without lodging), boarding houses, guest houses, refreshment rooms, restaurants, banquet halls, discotheques, canteens, coffee houses, pubs, bars and airport lounges..As per Section 4 of the Act, smoking in public places is already a punishable offence. Under the revised rules, the liability of keeping a public place smoke-free has been vested with the person in charge of that particular place.

Making the announcement at a meeting organised at the Cancer Institute (WIA) on the occasion of No Tobacco Day, Dr.Anbumani insisted that the Act would be strictly implemented from October 2. “After that date, the only places you can smoke are the roads and your home, if your family will allow it,” he said categorically..However, he admitted that the successful implementation of such an Act rested with the State governments. “There is a beautiful law on paper. It is the duty of the States to implement it..But none of the States is enthusiastic,” he said..

Only after Dr Anbumani brought the law in India against Smoking in Public Places, England Parliamentarians thought "Why can't we too bring such a law (as in India) to prohibit smoking in Public Places ?"..and they discussed about law in India brought by Dr Anbumani in their Parliament and offered a special complement to Dr Anbumani too..

Isn't it a proud feather in our cap that the Country which once ruled India followed US(India)..This was made possible by Dr Anbumani, that too from Tamilnadu. This is a double delights (to me)..

Period of Dr Anbumani, as a Union Health Minister, was a period of "defining phase" for India's Health Ministry..

According to WHO(World Health Organisation) report, 52 % of the youth around the world who first start to smoke is due to cinema and cinema personalities.. This is why Dr Anbumani implemented the law making it mandatory to have pictorial warnings for smoking in the silver whenever any movie, cinema or TV series displays pictorial warnings for smoking and drinking, it is all because of a proactive role and Social concerns of Dr Anbumani..

Many actors, including Shah Rukh Khan, first seemed to be unamenable but finally mended their way, realizing the meaningfulness in the moral command of Dr Anbumani..

Realizing the deterioration of his own health, Actor Rajinikanth thanked Dr Anbumani for having saved his life because of quitting smoking and Dr Anbumani too complemented Rajinikanth because he listened to his(Dr Anbumani) moral command unopposedly..

Dr.Abdul Kalam told that "Dr.Anbumani alone would fulfill his (kalam) dreams",

Prime Minister Manmohan singh appreciated that "Dr.Anbumani has achieved in 5 years in health ministry what India hasn't done in last 50 years".

Parliament speaker Somnath chatterjee said that "Dr.anbumani is mobile medical encyclopedia.."

UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon broke the protocol and came to appreciate Dr.anbumani,and
Ban Ki Moon described him as a "public health champion".

Buta Singh, Chairman (SC & ST Commission) said that "after Dr Ambetkar, It is only Dr.Anbumani who has done a great job for SC & ST students (resevation in all India medical examination)"..

Mr.Geoffrey sacks, Global Economist and Advisor to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, lauded that Dr.Anbumani's dream project "National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) is the largest successful Health scheme to be implemented anywhere in the world "..

Recently, Sujatha Rao, the IAS officer, who served 36 years in Union Government, noted in his recent book," Do we care ? India's Health System" Oxford Publication that "in Independence India, Dr.Anbumai is the best Union Health Minister"..
Dr Anbumani speaks through his deeds, not through his words..
Dr Anbumani has led England, which once ruled the entire world, through his visionary schemes and policies, why can't he steer Tamilnadu in a GRAND AND EXEMPLARY WAY leaving the rest of the States to follow Tamilnadu..


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Anbumani speaks through his deeds, not through his words

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