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After an almost decade-long hunt, wildlife rangers in Australia have successfully captured a massive 600-kilogram crocodile. The male saltwater crocodile measures 4.71 metres long, almost the size of an average family car. It is estimated to be more than 60 years old.

There have been a number of captures in the Katherine River this year. Two large salties, 3.92 metres and 3.97 metres, were captured of the high-level Katherine bridge in February and March this year. The Northern Territory Government said there have been 188 saltwater crocodiles captured in the Top End this year.

Rangers spotted this giant crocodile in 2010 when there were reports surfaced on him lurking near a local boat ramp. Traps were set up two weeks ago and three monster crocodiles were reportedly spotted from the air.

The second largest was 4.6 metre long "saltie" caught in 2011. Another 2.37-metre crocodile was also caught in the river on the same day, approximately 60 km downstream of the town of 6,000 people.

The giant crocodile has not been classed as a “problem croc” and will be transported to a farm in the Katherine region.

After several reports of crocodile spotting, there have been calls to cull them citing public safety and fear they are driving tourists away. Rangers have warned people to stay vigilant and remain “croc wise” in the area.

So far, 187 salties have captured in the Top End-- the northernmost part of the Northern Territory this year. The Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife website advises visitors to be "crocwise." "Croc danger is real. Do not become complacent or risk your life," it warns.

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