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Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan would be the ideal choice to head the US's Federal Reserve Bank, said US Financial weekly magazine Barron.

Nowhere on the shortlist of potential candidates to lead the FRB is the current star among the world’s Reserve bank Governors, someone who oversaw a sharp drop in inflation, the stabilisation of a currency and a 50% jump in stock prices, an article said.

Raghuram Rajan three-year term as Reserve Bank of India governor ended on 04.09.2016. He is currently working as Professor of Business in University of Chicago.

Raghuram rajan hot to fame three years after he presented a paper at an annual gathering of economists and bankers in the US in 2005, in which he predicted a financial crisis. He was not taken seriously at the time, but was proved right three years later when the financial crisis hit the US.

Earlierly, Raghuram Rajan strongly opposed the money laundering action taken by the Union Government. Furthermore, he warned that the country's economy would go to the underworld, is mentioned.

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Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan is best bet for US's Federal Reserve Bank

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