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Serena gets married today..!! He married his lover with an infant..!!!

Serena Williams is the crown prince of the tennis world.

Serena from the United States started playing international tennis tournaments in 1995.

At present, 36-year-old Serena has won 23 Grand Slam titles. In the tennis game, Serena is in the second place with the highest number of graduates.

In this case, 'Redit' company co-founder Alexis Okani and Serena fell in love.

The wedding engagement took place in December 2016.

Serena Williams announced that she was pregnant during the Australian Open, which was held this January.

After winning the series, Serena did not participate in international matches.

In September, Serena was born a beautiful baby girl. The baby was named Olympia.

In this situation, Serena - Alexis Okany's marriage to be held in "New Orlando" today.

In this festival, many celebrities are expected to attend.

It is noteworthy that Serena Williams had previously said that she would be the happiest moment to get married with the baby.

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Serena gets married today with baby

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