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US President Donald Trump has traveled to the border of North Korea and the Korean Peninsula in tense.

The US has condemned North Korea, who has been successful in conducting nuclear weapons testing and launching missile tests. Thus, the word war between the two countries is growing.

In this case, US President Donald Trump has spent 5 days tour with his wife in Asian countries.

Accordingly, when he went to Japan, he announced that he would provide full support if Japan attempted to prevent and destroy North Korea's missile tests.

Following this, the army received a special military response to the Trump that came from the military airport in Seoul, South Korea.

Trump accept the reception, then he went to the US Army base on the North Korean border by Army Chopper. Trump will be consult with the South Korea president about North Korean issues.

In this situation North Korea possible to conduct missile test or a nulear test. This has caused tension again in the Korean Peninsula.

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Trump traveled to North Korean border

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